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Changzhou Water Soluble Co.,Ltd (The original name is Changzhou Kelin PVA Water Soluble Films Co.,Ltd. ) who is a company producting high tech materials, a professional environmental degradable plastics research and development, production and sales. The main products are PVA water soluble material film, bio PLA film, PE stretch film,  POF shrink film,composite film. After more than 10 years of development, we have developed more product series.  

Now our products including:

1/ PVA products: PVA water soluble film,PVA bag,PVA laundry bag,PVA seeds bag,dye bag,water
transfer printing film.

2/ Biodegradation film:PLA film,PLA bag,PLA shopping bag.rubbish bag.

3/ Multilayer composite film: PE/PET/BOPP/PAPER/Aluminum foil/ Multilayer composite film &bag,packing for food,Medicine, medical supplies, cosmetics, clothing, laundry detergent, vacuum packaging, toys, electronic products, industrial products, pesticide packaging, etc.

4/ PE stretch film:manual or machine PE stretch film,thickness from 10um to 30um,width from 16cm to 1500cm. The film can tightly wrapped products.

5/Stretch hooder film :Especial film,stretch hooder with a automatic hooder machine.thickness from 80um to 160um,width from 160cm to 240cm.The film can tightly wrapped the goods hood on the tray.

6/POF Shrink film: POF shrink film keep products anti wet and beautiful.

7/Desiccant Pack:Natural fiber High absorbent desiccant packs,Activated Clay,Silica-gel desiccant.These desiccants widdly be use to keep products dry and fresh.

8/Deoxidizer:Oxygen absorbers,Mylar bag Oxygen Absorber combo,Keep Fresh Bags.

9/Instant cold pack:Instant cool pack,Instant cold pack,Instant ice packs,the product is Clean and hygienic, non - toxic, gel - like, this product has a high cooling capacity, good cold performance. Widely used, safe, no pollution. This product can be used repeatedly and Eco.
10/Wet wipes:Wet wipes,also known as a wet towel,moist towelette,keep hand or body cleaning and fresh.

11/ Laundry detergent pods: Laundry detergent pods,15gm,24gm. 4 Xtimes more clean than ordinary washing liquid,clean clothes more fragrant.

Welcome gloable customers have a good coopration with us,we can supply good quality products and price to you.

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